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How to share gigs on the forums with the thumbnail image showing?

Hello, I m starting to advertise my gigs on the forums, but I don’t understand how I can post the gig with a thumbnail image of a sample of my work. I think this is sort of crucial to getting a person interested on clicking on the link. Could someone help me out with this? I see others doing it with their gigs as well…

Ads are only allowed in the My Fiverr Gigs category. When you post there a field comes up for a link to your gig. Putting the link in that special field makes a thumbnail. It also puts an order button right in the forum which is nice.

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ok thats good but how can we post these gigs in other social websites with thumbnail preview ?

I would think that would depend on each websites posting options, like html support, etc. Some sites like Facebook, do that automatically. Others would require you to enter some code for that. If you had your own website you could use Fiverr Anywhere to create code for that. I can’t really give you one answer that applies to all external sites.


Thank you very much! It worked~

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