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How to share gmail with buyers as it is restricted

Hi everyone,

I am new to Fiverr and just started to get orders. I have a doubt regarding the gmail or other email sharing with the buyers. Sometimes buyer insists to share the email ID to send required documents for jobs. Some asks gmail to share google sheet sharing or drive sharing. But I notice Fiverr do not approve it.

Please kindly let me know how to do it or other alternatives.



You shouldn’t have any need to receive email or gmail from a buyer in a normal gig situation. If they want to deliver files to you they should do it through the Fiverr system. It the files are too large they can use Dropbox or another service that lets you share files without email authentication.

If a buyer sends you an email address without prompting, don’t use it and don’t respond with any mention of the word email. Just tell them that you need to exchange files/info through Fiverr or give them an alternative like Dropbox. If you allow or ask a buyer to give you email or if you use the email, it is likely you will be banned.

There are rare circumstances where Fiverr will make exceptions. I had a gig once that required me to provide buyers with email addresses after doing research on certain things. I had to get permission from Fiverr in advance to deliver email addresses. There are few reasons that are really necessary, though.


yes. any outside communication will get you banned or blocked from fiverr since thats a TOS violation. Now fiverr attachments and message threads are much more powerful and can handle loads of files as well.

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Thanks a lot… Its a very valuable advice.