How to shine in fiverr


I am new in fiverr. But in this short time I realized that If you don’t able to make perfect gig you can’t able to sell. I beleaved that if you don’t have any grammetical error and able to set up 100% unique photo for your gig than you can shine. Isn’t it?


Hello there :slight_smile:

I think it also helps to promote your gigs on social media. I have a Twitter following of a couple thousand and that’s where I promote my gigs with appropriate hashtags. Each time that I’ve promoted my gig, I’ve seen an increase in sales.

I think it also helps to choose something that is a bit unique. For example, I chose memoir writing, because I didn’t see anyone else doing that specifically. I didn’t even try to jump into the article writing/SEO game bc it was so over-saturated.

Anyway, that’s what has worked for me.
Good luck! :slight_smile:


If you mean by unique, a beautiful girl or celebrity then I am afraid you are wrong, offer what you are good at, be honest and explain your services well and offer something which you have skills for and has a market, then promote it well and hopefully all will work out.


Yes, you are right. I know well how to provide a huge number of trafiic. But I can’t find any buyer for this service. What can I do for this ?


I didn’t mean that. But I agree with you. Next time I will try to follow your instructions. Thank you.


To be honest, I’m not quite sure what advice would apply to your specific category. You’re offering a lot of services that I don’t have very much experience with myself :confused: It might just take a bit of patience and promoting your gigs.

You could also try looking at what other people in your category are offering as far as prices and services. Not to copy, but to see how your gig looks compared to theirs. I scope out my competition all the time just to make sure that I’m still standing out and my services are still a bit unique.