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How to show buyer to send request?


there is a problem
when I am going to send an offer then whey not show buyer?


Hello Asif,

If you are asking a question

“How to show buyer to send request”

Then remove the link to your profile, otherwise this is known as “Self Promotion” and the thread will remain in “My Fiverr Gigs”.


okay sir thanks.
I am removing.


If you have a question, please clarify it further.


how remove my profile sir?


Just click the pencil icon and edit your post.


thanks a lot.


Are you talking about sending a “Custom Offer” to a request from the “Buyer’s Request” Page?


how to show buyer?


Oh so you are trying to see the buyer’s profile?

If so, you cannot do it.

If you use the fiver app, it shows the username of the buyer that posted a request.
You can then manually take the username and type it up on the browser to see their profile.

But if you are doing all this to CONTACT the buyer, you will NOT be able to do so.

Fiverr only allows the buyer to START the conversation. You can never contact a buyer directly by yourself.

Hope this answers your questions.


and one more that when I login to fiverr then I show as a buyer so when I click as a buyer after that he show me as a seler
I am a seler not buyer what I should do about that sir please.


Fiverr only lets you make 1 account.

So you can be BOTH a buyer and a seller with the same account, no problem.

So don’t worry about this.


okay sir thanks a lot sir
to help me
if you need any help from me then that will great for me


Not a problem.
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ummm… Hi?


what is this TO-Dos


Lists any thing that requires your ATTENTION.

It can list anything from asking you to “Share your gig”, Leave a Feedback on a delivered item, or anything to do while you have an order.

You can click the “X” button to close it out if it bothers you.


okay I was think that I received an order but the file is not opening. thanks