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How to show Flickr Portfolio in Fiverr


I have read that Fiverr allows to show portfolio through Flickr but problem is that when I am using my Flickr link on Fiverr then i am getting warning from Fiverr because when we use Flickr link then β€˜@’ symbol comes in Flickr link and Fiverr not allow this symbol in our message or gig detail. Now problem is that how we can show our work through Flickr.

I tried to resolve this through some URL Shortener services but these converted short urls are no longer available. While some time i found that my buyers are not able to open my Flickr portfolio through my short URL.

So please let me know how I can resolve this problem?

Thanks in advance!

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You are allowed to use the Flickr link. Simply ignore the pop-up messages you’re receiving.

Feel free to contact support if you require further assistance!


You can also check Flicker link my GIGs.

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I have seen Flickr link on your gig but i didn’t find β€˜@’ sign in your link as i think you used any URL shortner service there, but when i used this my clients/buyer are not able to open their link as some URL shortner services remove link after some time. So please let me know which URL shortner service you used here.

By the way your work is nice :slight_smile:


OK let me try, Thanks!

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Yes , you can , here is the every thing



you are great brother,very helpfull

i am facing the same issue. is your issue resolved @creativegust ?

Very Helpfully Details

Very good idea
I think everyone can learn from it

If able to flicker link convert to short link
ex: as using bitl y site or any other short URL site ?