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How to show Gig on First Page?


Hello! Here I am trying to show my gig on First page of Fiverr when anyone search C#, C sharp, Desktop application, Windows Form etc.
I set also tags of c sharp and in title also but it’s not working well. I am trying to posting it also on different sites but not getting well response. Can anyone guide me better or help me in this regard to show my gig on the first page of Fiverr?
Here is the link of my gig also kindly check and confirm If I mistaken any where in Gig.

Thanks in Advance!


Everybody want to be on the first page, right?

Even if there would’ve been a secret why do you think other sellers would’ve share it with you?

Ok, now answering your question there is no other way to on the first page but ONLY to keep your statistics very high, respond messages fast, provide your best service and maybe one day fiverr algorythm will place your gig on the first page.

On the other hand: I see you have only 15 min read time so I would advice you to just read this forum a little bit longer and I’m sure you will find answered on most of your questions. (People ask the same question at least 5-10 times a day) so just do your research. Without investing your time in YOUR business you wouldn’t be able to become successful.


Agree with advice given. Being on the first page is out of our control however work ethic, creativity, research & customer service is well within our grasp. Focus on that & you’ll never need to worry about your question.