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How to show online

How to show online on fiverr when i need sleep?


Why would you want to deceive buyers that you’re online and available to work/talk about their project when you’re not?

You do know that buyers can place orders whether you’re online or not, right?


So you want to trick potential buyers? It’s not the way to do business.


Brother, whether the order comes or not, it is important to stay online

You don’t. If you are asleep, you are NOT online and coherent enough to answer a message or anything else. As others have said, this is misleading, and, trying to “game” the system.

I get most of my orders when I am NOT online. Heck , I think I get ALL of them when I am not online.

I know you probably heard on some YT video or blog that claimed you can make millions here that one tip is to stay online “24/7”, but, that is not how you get orders here.

Also, do not call people “Brother” , “Dear”, etc on the forum. It is unprofessional. Catwriter is not your brother, and I think is actually a woman. LOL



Complete nonsense. Good sellers who don’t try and trick potential buyers receive orders at any time of day and night.


Why would it be important?