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How to show sample project to buyer?

Hello everyone!

I have one question to all. I work on Web Programing & Wordpress related projects. I want to show my sample projects to buyer (buyer request & messages). As i work on programing related projects buyer want to see live project not just images that show on Gig Portfolio or Flicker accounts. What is the right way to do that?

Thanks in Advance.


You can make a website where you will add your web design/programming sample .And you will link up with features your designed/developed website link to your website . Then you will just share your website link …


You mean I can share my Portfolio link to buyer. By the way thanks for your response.

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Sure You can share your portfolio link . :grinning:

You are welcome …


Why It is not allowed to add Portfolio link to Seller Profile description?


The following URLs may be used in your profile or Gig description:


Supporting @jhakz1234, you can make a free blogspot website and put your code on there. Further, you can check out the sites that have the functionality of Source Code Management (SCM).

Thank you very much. :+1: