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How to show sample work in buyer requests?

Hello friends,
I have a question. Sometimes buyer requests to add a work sample with buyer request reply. But as Fiverr does not allow to share the link of doc file, and there is no option to add a file, so how could I ATTACH PAST WORK SAMPLE?
Please share.


@shahana_2 uplode your file on google drive and then share your file link. When you share your link you must edit and select view mode.

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Then those buyers don’t know how fiverr works.

You can offer them to check your gig gallery for samples of your work.


I also think so. Anyway, thank you.

I think Fiverr does not allow it.

It’s not possible to attach files to an offer, but if you want you could send them the link to your portfolio or wherever you can showcase your talents. Usually, if the buyer wants to see your work, they’ll contact you! I hope this helps!

I use it. I know that it is the save menthod.

In buyer request you only able to send text.

Here is a list of approved portfolio links:

Scroll right down to the bottom.