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How to show test results in profile?

Hello , can anyone tell me how I can show my test results in my profile?


You can take one of the tests and if you pass, it gets automatically displayed on your profile.

Hello , recently I sat for a test and got 7.2/10 but can’t see that on my profile

What you could do then is click on “Take a Test” on your profile page and when you do that, a new window opens with a list of all the tests you have ever taken listed under the heading “Recommended Tests.” Click on the appropriate test from that list and a new window will pop up with more detailed information of your result obtained from that particular test. In that window, at the bottom, the last option indicates the date you have taken the test (on the left-hand side) and a toggle option which says “Show on profile” (on the right-hand side). Just ensure that the “Show on profile” toggle is enabled.

If you see the toggle enabled and yet, you don’t see your result displayed on your profile, I think you could contact CS.


Thank you @hanshuber16 for your detailed information :slight_smile: