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How to show up delivered image on GIG?

I am a seller. I delivered my order & got review. But don’t know how to show this in Gig image. Where i can find the option?

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I have same problem like your option.can not change gigs overview pic and does not found any option to change that.

Go to Sales > My gigs. Now you will see your gig list. Click on the little button from the right side of your gig, then tick mark Live Portfolio option. Next time your image will automatically added from your delivery image to live portfolio gig image.

Gigs in the Graphics and some other categories are required to have Live Portfolio active an it cannot be changed. In other other categories Live Portfolio is an option.

thank you. Some of my gig’s list has that option. So can select or un-select them. But my other gigs don’t showing up that option. Is this mean, Live portfolio option are already active in other gigs?

Reply to @raselkhondokar: Thank you. I checked my gig’s list. Live portfolio option are not showing up in that gig list. But my other’s two gig has that option. I complained Fiverr about this. That they didn’t replay. Its really embarrassing.

Reply to @nilupsalisa: When you complained? Wait for Customer Support I wish they will fix it.

I have enabled the live portfolio but forgot to send images during delivery. How can I add images to orders that marked as completed? please help.

at first go to gigpage. then, click on the gig title. then, active watemark.

If the order is marked as complete then there’s nothing much you can do. Also, buyers have the option to display your attached image or not!