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How to simply increase your Fiverr Sales


Hello Guys …!!! This is my first post at this fiverr forum so i will try my best to guide you all as much as possible . I am a Level 1 seller here on fiverr that’s doesn’t means that i have earned just few bucks here on fiverr. Fiverr is really a good platform for students to make their dreams come to reality. In the starting i searched how to increase my sales on fiverr and i found a lot of strategies and ways to increase my sales . Let me share my fiverr experience with you all. First of all You need to understand a basic rule which is not only implemented on fiverr but also in all other fields of life which is … ( Market Demand and Competition ) Always do that work which have more demand and less competition. For example in logo designing there is always a lot of competition so you are not going to get a lot of orders . Let’s suppose that you are a web designer or a apps developer so in this field there is less competition and also more chances for getting orders . Also the more unique work you will offer the more clients will attract towards you . Thanks Have a nice day :slight_smile:


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Hello there i am new on fiverr i how to increase my fiverr sale


I bet if you read the forum, you’d find some great ideas. :wink:


New to the site as well… I agree with you… just read the forum… lots of information… Having hard time regarding traffic any help please?



I am same to you! I agree with you! I am trying my first order. I am looking my first job.


Interesting but in every field there is the competition offer something so the client will be attracted.


Just send regular offers at buyer request option :slight_smile:


The best way to find traffic for your gigs is to go where your target customers are located. Find creative ways to connect with those potential customers, and then convince them to hire you.