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How to Social Media Advertise?


I noticed everybody including fiverr keep mentioning it is a great idea to promote gigs through social media… I’d love to know how some of you promote your gig on social media sites?
Is it through paid ads? Post sharing ?

Thanks !


To say, most of the successful sellers here have said that they have never advertised their Gigs in social media. But it is always a great way to get some of your initial sales. Paid ads are just waste of money(My personal opinion though) but Post sharing can be a treasure if used properly.

Here are a few tips regarding advertising your gig in Social media -

  1. Don`t spam ! It’s the foremost important thing to remember while advertising in Social Media. Even if, someone is being interested to buy your gig reading your social media post, he/she will surely turn away if he/she see you spamming.
  2. Target your audience. You can do this easily by adding peoples using a particular hashtag into a list/ liking their posts. (You can use IFTTT to automate this task.)
  3. Using TweetLiker bot can give you a advantage. (But use it carefully, this manytime can get your account banned in twitter)
  4. Engage with your target audience. Like their posts, retweet them and try to get them into a private conversation.
  5. Stay away from paid ads! Unless you have lots of money bundled in your house, using paid ads will never have a good effect. It will decrease your conversion rate in Fiverr, increase bounce rate and if you do get some target audience, there is a chance that after going through your gig, instead of buying from you, they will buy from your competition.

Cheers! :slight_smile:


I promote my gigs on social media and I did get at least 2 orders this way during the last month.

However that said I believe that most of my gigs came through from right here on Fiverr and not through social media marketing.

I get a little nervous when people start asking about promoting on social media because so many people just spam. I have had people I don’t know inbox me on Facebook with their Fiverr gigs. This leaves a bad taste in my mouth and really irritates me.

If you promote anything on social media do if from your Facebook page, or business account that you set up for work. Don’t just throw out promotional links, rather engage with your audience and build up a following of people that are really interested in what you do.

If you have a website promote your gigs on your website and then share your website post on social media.

Yes I have played around with paid advertising on social media and it really can be an awesome way to build up your social media following but I would be careful how you use paid advertising on social media.

I personally wouldn’t advertise a Fiverr gig on social media. You need to look at whether you will be getting a ROI (return of earnings) with your advertising efforts and I am not so sure you will.


Very useful !
Thanks a lot, will take into consideration :slight_smile: