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How to softening skin in just 5 minutes or less?

Hi! I wanna tell you how you can soften your character’s skin so fast. Following these five steps, you will do it easily.

1.Remove the blemishes using the “Healing Brush” tool.

2.Make a copy of it and invert it. Then change the blending mode to “Normal to Vivid light”.You will see only grey color whereas your picture. Don’t be scared! I’m with you. :relieved:

3.Go to filter and “High pass” your picture.Select a value you are satisfied with.

4.Then again go to filter and blur your picture. I will recommend you to select “Gaussian Blur”.Increase the value until skin textures start showing up.

5.Make a negative musk of it and take the “Blush” tool. Then brush the target areas you want to soften.

Done!! You are congratulated !! :grinning:

-Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:




Who cares?


Knowledge transfer. If you don’t want to accept knowledge transfer then we will still push it to you.

So disappointed now, my local drugstore woman said they neither have “Healing Brushes” nor “Gaussian Blurs”, and advised me to ask at a high-end cosmetics shop. :wink: (healed and Gaussian-blurred smiley)


He may not have taken the matter seriously. The “knowledge transfer” system should have been kept in his mind. :sweat_smile:
Right you are :grinning: :v:

Take a look at his profile

  1. no single sale.
  2. joined 2 hours ago.
  3. Reading Time 5 mins
  4. does not even write about which program it is.
  5. probably read somewhere that he gets more sales if he writes in the forum

The thread should be closed :wink:

Oh, and the best:


                              and OFFER 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE !!
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I’m New in this marketplace. I have just skill work experiences. Yesterday my teacher informed me about Fiverr Forum. That’s why today i just wrote dawn and shared some of my knowledge.
Don’t get me wrong.

Then I will give you a few tips now:

Do you know that you have stolen your pictures from the internet? That this is not allowed?|Body%20Modification

Is this any of your work at all?

Can you even do that?
By the way, the service has been around 100000 times.

So, before you even get the idea to open a thread with “How do I get orders”.

Think everything over.

Did your teacher tell you that posting on the forum will bring you sales? If yes, your teacher told you something that isn’t true, and you should demand whatever you’ve paid them back.

Also, if you’re going to share your knowledge, it really helps if you mention both in the title topic and in the post what software you’re talking about. If you don’t, it looks like you’re giving advice about cosmetics.


Hey - you know what?

I would not recommend this part:

Edit: I would recommend you to delete your Contact Information on 0:37 on your video.

Mod Note: Screenshot removed. Please remove/blur the contact info before reposting.

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Thank you for pointing me out. :relieved:

Sorry about your comment. You probably see that the picture of the BEHANCE website uploaded on 30 September. Bt I published my gig on 7th September. How is it possible to stole that picture ?? I don’t steal that picture. Don’t blem, please.