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How to solve 1 star feedback from client


Hello all :slight_smile:

First time on Forum. But i must share my experience.

I have one client who asked a revision on their existing logo.Its for FB probile as she explained.
I accepted the job and send her the design right away. Also i send her vector, HQ image…etc.
She came back after two days and left 1 star. Than i started RESOLVE NOW button, but she refuse to help and revise her feedback. Than i wrote her in inbox, and she started to ask for her money back. In the meantime Fiverr customer support did NOTHING! - They cant help me with 1 star for nothing, they cant contact her, they cant see our conversation and how the project goes, actually they only return her the money!

How is the worker protected on Fiverr ?? Client can do anything with the rating ?? Client can get money back?? What worker gets ??



Do you have talked about the feedback with your client. Why she gave you one star ?
Do you offer her a modification. ?
if your service is as it is you described. then you have full rights to submit a ticket in CS, and if you have valid reason to take down the feedback then CS will do it surely.


@elivelkovska f you provide customer support with print screens saying showing that your buyer was happy and confirmed your work they MIGHT delete the review. In case you read a couple of discussions here on the forum you can see that it isn’t like it used to be with deleting feedback. We all had buyers like you said if want to get the review deleted it’s best for you to refund the order and the review will be deleted.

Every now and then you will get across scammers, but you should know how to deal with them.

I would copy myself again and say “If you have enough evidence that the buyer was happy and approved the work” contact customer support right away.

Probably, I would’ve replied in Macedonian, but this is something every seller should now.



That is not correct @gig_frak. :wink: Even if she refund buyer, feedback will stay. :wink:


Well here is the chronology:

  1. I delivered the order on time.
    2.Client was away for 2 days i think.
  2. Suddenly without saying anything left 1 star.
  3. I started inbox explanation and i started RESOLVE NOW client feedback revision
  4. She refuse to review the feedback, and start to ask money back.
  5. I cant refund because the order is complete.
    (start to sending her new images, trying to explain and so on…)
  6. Customer support was like bot, (please click resolve button…)
  7. Customer support confirm that client feedback cant be removed.
  8. Than they refund her the money.

I sent everything to customer support, the order number, the chat, print screen… and they said they cannot help!
Than why they ask so much informations, when they cant help.

What client get:

  1. Logo, money back.
    What i get:
  2. Canceled order -%, ( I DID NOT CANCELED CLIENT CANCELED) but still they count as i canceled the job.
  3. No money.
  4. 1 star feedback (all other feedbacks are 5.0) :((
  5. Lost so much time.

My point is that customer support is not supporting the WORKER, only the client. We as a sellers are not protected at all.



I cant. Custommer support cant change feedback.


No. They confirm to me that they cant help with the feedback!


If the buyer accepts the refund the feedback would be removed, at least it was like that couple of months ago. But if it’s because the order wasn’t delivered on time, it can’t be deleted.


Once upon a time customer support deleted every review if you had a nice reason. But that was unfair to clients because many sellers would deliver terrible work and then request the review to be deleted. For example, if you go to upwork you will see that actually, they don’t offer any protection for the freelancers, while Fiverr protects both the buyers and sellers.

Clearly, if there was an issue with your work the buyer should’ve told you what should be changed. Freelancing is like running your own business therefore sometimes you should try to solve the issues by contacting your clients, but in your case, the client doesn’t response. I’ve gone to your profile and I don’t see that you have a negative review from today/yesterday. The one you have is from 5 months ago. Maybe try stating your side of the story on the review on how the buyer was unresponsive, that he didn’t ask for revisions or things like that.


buyers can leave whatever amount of stars they want and the only thing that should influence that is your work. You might think it’s the best work, the buyer might not.


I think it changed, but I am not 100% sure :slight_smile:


It’s a good move if they changed that.


Yes it changed. Reviews will no longer be removed after cancellation.


Most likely they will not change your 1 star feedback

Imagine if crappy sellers complain about 1 star feedback.


There are sellers here who do very crappy jobs and from forum posts in the past few months…CS doesn’t like to change feedback. I don’t think they should anyways, it opens it to abuse.

You having 1 1star review won’t destroy your life. From my perspective as a buyer…I look at all your reviews and weigh that and not base on wether I buy a gig from you just based on one 1star review.


There is history chat, there is delivered logos, there is communication. Than you judge. In some cases yes, but there is customer support for this. i have on time delivery, re-design of the current logo, i didn’t change anything, she likes sharpen look logo for profile picture. First she was happy with the result she ask revisions, and than after two days away she left 1 star.

Im not saying that this will ruin my life, but i’m trying so much, i work hard i want every customer to be treated as it should be. Totally unfair. And for that cases for this purpose there is customer support, to judge based on the my perform and buyer perform.


If you are confident that the review is biased, then slap 'em with an Imgur review.


The same thing happened with me last night.I wanted to refund the money but client did not want to receive and gave me 1 star with a bad review. :’(
Buyer wanted unlimited revision for 5 usd.I gave him 20+ revisions but he was not satisfied.My bad LUCK…!!


All Buyer’s Want Good Communication.


If all buyers want good communication, then explain me the following:

  • why do I have so many buyers who never respond back to any of my messages and don’t say a word? that’s definitely no buyer communication at all
  • when I am polite and friendly, why do some buyers get rude and disrespectful? that’s not good buyer communication :wink:


Just do one thing

If buyer bot gonna change review

Give him 5 star and appreciate your mistake(if it’s not your),so that the more people who will see your gig will find how calm peacefully you reply and talk and they will also get trust.