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How to solve Gig appear in search

Hi there,
always my Gig was appearing on the first page, but currently showing my Gig on the last page for down “Delivered on Time” and “Order Completion” rating Is it possible to get back to the previous position of my Gig? If possible, how?

I will be glad if I get advice about this Issue.

Thank you.


The answer seems pretty obvious to me. Consistently complete your orders and get them to the customers on time. You can’t change what’s already done (or wasn’t done in this case). Just move on and work to completion with the customer’s needs being your primary focus.


I totally agree with @rayfield1, in addition you should work even harder to get yourself back on track. Good luck!!


Thanks a lot for your advice. also, will be better if I deactivate present account, and create an new account again? what do you think better?



Hi there @graphics1183, NOOOOO why would you do that??? You’ve worked so hard to create a brand of yourself??? I see you have been a member since March 2019 and already have over 76 reviews and god knows how many orders?? WOW, CONGRATS!!! :partying_face::partying_face:

We new sellers can only dream of such an accomplishment. :rofl::joy: You’re doing an AMAZING job!!! Keep it up and don’t you DARE to deactivate your previous account!! :upside_down_face: KEEP IT UP and you’ll be a TRS soon enough!! :smiley:

Warmly, Humberto


Many many thanks for your helping. and yes I joined 19 March 2019 even i completed 120+ order. thanks again for your advice.

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Are you in page one now?

Has your gig left the last page now?

I will love to know because my gig was in page 1 for about 2 years and now it is in last page for 3 months now.

Yes, still my gig in 1st page even 1st possion. But for 3 days my gig showing in 20 page. Actually i did cancel 5/6 order in 2 days, and i did late delivery of 7/8 orders, even some order was 3/4 days due delivery.
Actually I had a some family problems.

Wow! thanks for the response. This has given me a hope for come-back.

Can you remember how long it took you to come back from last page to page 1 and did you use any unique strategy apart from the obvious?

Sorry for the cancellations and I hope the family issues are resolved now?

Page 20 is fine. You can easily work your way to page 1 again. Being in the last page is quite different. It feels like there is an embargo or restriction stopping last page gigs from crossing over to pages 1 to 20 or more. I believe once I can cross over from page 40 it will not be difficult comming back to page 1 because I always deliver 100% satisfaction.

Please I kindly need your advice. Thanks.

Yes, my family problem are solved now. Actually i got a baby of son. Please pray for my son.

And yes, once if you were in 1st page and now in the last page, then you can go a vacation mode for 1/2 days, and when you will back online then maybe your gig will get previous possion. Maybe it will work. (it’s my experience)

can anyone guide me in getting orders as soon as possible

My gig was the first result in first page but, now I cannot find in in even last page. How to solve this issue?