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How to solve Gigs appear in search result

Hi, Dear, I need help. Always my gigs was the First page when I have searched by “Lead Generation” and “Targeted Lead Generation” And Everyday I was receiving the new buyers messages. But from the yesterday when I have searched then I have not found my gigs on the position. and I have contacted the Fiverr support but they said everything is okay but still now the same position. Please check it out my both of Gigs. Someone please help me out.

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Gig rotation

It’s normal, there are millions of sellers on Fiverr, you can’t be the only one getting exposure. So they will periodically push you back and allow others to get some sales. I’ve been removed from search for a 2 months, got back for 3 days, now they removed me from search. So the fact that you are still in search means you are lucky.

Do you think you deserve to be on Page 1 all the time with thousands of other Fiverr members providing the same services also trying to be on Page 1?

It’s called Gig rotation.

It gives everyone a fair position and keeps changing to remain fair.

In other words, if you really need to be on Page 1…check out the Promoted Gigs feature.

That may help you out.

Hi, Thanks for the suggestion. Actually I have promoted my gig from the last 2 months. This is why I have posted this topic and wanted help from the Fiverr Community. So, let me know how may I keep selling my gigs like previous?

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I am tiny seller and I adhere the binding of Fiverr rotation. I respect Fiverr decision making, In contrast everyone would get a equal chance to be up there on first page so that many seller can happily earn and show up their essential skills.

I am inspired by your gig, my sir also show your profile and learned us.