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How to solve the risk of uploading big files?!



Many of us sellers have the situation when we need to deliver files which are too big to upload them on Fiverr. Then we use Google Drive, We Transfer, Dropbox and similar services, and we send to buyer link for the download in the delivery.

The problem is buyers can get those files without accepting the deliver.

Does anyone have an idea how we to do it in different way so buyers would be able to download large files only after accepting the delivery? :slight_smile:


By sending a smaller delivery file, and once the buyer is completely satisfied prive them with the larger file.


I`m not sure that is allowed on Fiverr. I think you must deliver only completely finished file. (I read that somewhere :smiley: )


If the files are larger and need to be sent via a third-party, I would explain that toward my buyer.

Again, I have always been able to deliver the file that uploads in the delivery window while sending the larger on through a third party. (With my buyer’s understanding)


No - you must send the final files, or a link to the final files as your delivery. The buyer shouldn’t have to say ‘yes it’s fine’ or anything like that.


This is correct. If you wanted to do something different, you’d need to make it clear in your gig and FAQs. For example, you could offer the gig at a lower price for a low res “sample” delivery. When you deliver that and they ok it, you can offer them an extra to purchase the high-res version delivered via dropbox. There is still risk, but really, when you own your own business there is always risk - it’s part of being your own boss. :slight_smile: