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How to solve this problem?


Hi, I got order from one buyer. I design a mascot logo and then delivered. He ask for modification as per attached image. i recreate another design and send to buyer.he want change color and name,i correct it and send. after 36 hours buyer asked, for cancel the order.

How to solve this problem?

Thank You!


Refuse to cancel. You did the work so you deserve to get paid.


I had a look at your portfolio. Quite cute.
Don’t cancel and stand your ground.
If the buyer threatens with a bad review, report him to CS as this is a violation of the ToS.


thanks for your reply @mariokluserand @misscrystal


I want to tell you that, You may cancel this job because Fiverr don’t give any support against bad review.
So cancel this job and be save.


It’s up to you to cancel and stand your ground, but keep in mind that fiver will not remove their bad review, even though the buyer is the one at fault. The final decision is yours.


boss is always right… and customer too


Thanks for your guide @nnalam @castingritual @workinline