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How to solve this?

So a few days ago I recieved order in which I have to edit 5 video in a whole order.
As the buyer told me to send him each video in 2 days so when I edited my first video and then I delivered that to the buyer,Then the buyer requested a revision and he told me to sent it to his inbox because there are still 4 videos remaining.
So what I have to do now because he can cheat me when I will deliver 4 video and then there is a chance that he could cancel his order because he got his first 4 video without water mark.
So what I can do.
Please help.


Never deliver anything through the inbox - the buyer is likely to disappear.

Explain to them that all deliveries must go through the order page.


I don’t think that’s a rule, precisely, but be firm and they’ll know you’re not a pushover.


Hello there, Always Use your order page after the order started. Inbox is for quick communication but order related everything should be go through Order page.

For future, if you worried so much what the buyer can do then always try to take the order in milestone category so you can do one by one.


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ok,But if i send through order page not as a delivery then is there will be any watermark on it?

Ok.Thank you so much for your opinion.

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You would certainly not be foolish enough to give your buyer anything without a watermark … particularly since they’ve already raised a red flag.

I don’t think Fiverr watermarks videos, so you’ll have to do it yourself …


I usually tell the buyer like that

It is against the Fiverr rules and you have to do it according to them.

Fiverr watermarks the video but i think just in delivery.

In that case, you should watermark the video yourself …