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How to solve this

I did English to Japanese Translation. after I sent the translation my buyer is telling my translation does not tally with google translation therefore need a revision. as we all know google is a machine translation and human translation can never tally with google translation. Then I did some changes and send him again he is requesting revisions.


Worse: They could apply for refund.

Before that. you go to customer support and contact them Tell them about your order details and What is the problem. They will Always there to help you.


Hello Pubu! i can understand your feeling. their are few buyers who are just like scam. they get their work and ask for cancel the order or they will give 1 star but if you are getting continuously bad feedback then their will be some issue with your work. keep your work professional to get good feedback.


They won’t normally remove a review unless it’s against the TOS. Asking support to remove it might get a warning to the seller who asked. It’s best to reply to the review giving your side of the story I think.

Also if the buyer asks for it to tally with Google translate and doing so would be wrong, explain to the buyer why it would be wrong instead of making it the same as that.


Thank you very much. Fiverr is a very good site I think this is very weak point that no solution still. if fiverr can check from both side and do a fair for us it’s great


I’ve had people tell me that they “compared the finished translation with Google and noticed many differences” and had doubts, so I explained to them that while Google CAN be somewhat of an OK guideline, it is far from being perfect.
When I give them several examples usually that is enough for them to understand.

あとこのルールがまだ存在するかどうかは不明ですが、同種類/類似のギグを複数作成することは確か禁止されていると思います. 念のため確認することをお勧めします。


Never work for someone who doesn’t know the language and can only use Google Translation to assess your work.


I got curious and actually took a closer look at your gigs.
You offer English to Japanese AND Japanese to English.
I can spot quite a lot of grammar mistakes in what you typed up there, and I also found
several strange areas in your Japanese translations that can’t be accepted as careless mistakes.

I am fully aware that I am sounding a bit confrontational here, but are you working alone? Are you working in a group? If so, you might want to check every single translation done by others before sending them because some of the work I saw had questionable areas and didn’t seem like they were done by a person who is native or native level.


You need to remove the name of the buyer’s country as that is not allowed on the forum.


I did not know it. thank you very much for your advise

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Thank you very much for your advise sir

Thank you very much sir

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Please accept this as a friendly reply…

Although I can understand your forum post very well, the level of English is not native. It is good enough for me to understand your meaning, but if your text was for publication or for a business letter - a native reader would have concerns.

I have respect for anyone who can speak a second language to any level, but when you are selling services based on that skill - you do have to be near perfect. So, maybe your buyer has some justification in asking for a revision?

Also, as @humanissocial has already said, any buyer that uses Google Translate as the benchmark for the quality of a service is wrong to do so - otherwise they would have used Google Translate to start with and not have paid you!


I agree with this. If English is a good representation on his actual proficiency, there might be some justification.

Since the OP said it was an “English to Japanese” translation, I don’t think it was her English skill that was the problem here. The buyer shouldn’t have used Google to compare the finished work of course. Having that said, her Japanese sample translations did indeed have several odd lines that a native person will never use, so…unfortunately either way it seems her skills are questionable. :thinking:


I’m really aware that my response could be misinterpreted as being unfriendly, when I only mean to offer an objective view. Based on the op’s own post in the forum, her English is not native level - nowhere near, although it is perfectly understandable.

If you don’t start from a solid foundation (in this case the English), then whatever you build on top (the translation to Japanese) is going to be a bit all over the place.

While the buyer should not have used Google Translate to measure the success of the translation, that doesn’t mean they were wrong to assess it as not being good enough.


One problem you have is that your profile isn’t inspiring confidence. You appear to have used a picture of somebody else (which appears on numerous model sites), your English grammar isn’t great (despite the fact you work with this language), and your Japanese translations are questionable (as said by native speakers on this forum and in your reviews).

Unfortunately, I’m not really surprised a buyer has doubted you.

If you believe you delivered an accurate translation, then you might have some luck with this person if you work on making them trust you. Perhaps you could focus on a couple of problem areas of the document and explain to them why your version is more accurate than Google’s. Demonstration of ability is a powerful thing.


This reminds me of something funny that happened to me last summer, someone asked me to translate a list of random vocabularies, mainly nouns. One of them was “Mercury.”
There are several different types of Mercury, the planet, the element, and the Roman god. All of them are spelled the same in English, it is Mercury.
Now the Mercury I had to translate was clearly the planet mercury ( because the list included the entire solar system), so I typed it in the Japanese. I finished the rest of the list and sent it. The following day the buyer tells me that my version of Mercury was different from Google. He sounded pretty upset BTW.

Well Google can’t tell the difference between the planet and the element and the Roman god.
I ended up taking screenshots of an online dictionary that showed the different types of Mercury.

The planet: 水星
The element: 水銀
The Roman god: マーキュリー

Clearly they are all different. The buyer was satisfied.
He didn’t apologize for snapping at me though. Bleh. Oh well, at least I got paid pretty well.


It’s frustrating how many people assuming that auto translators understand context.