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How to solve unlimited revision from our buyer

for example we give 3 revisions in our gigs,but why buyers still can continue to request revisions beyond that to solve this situation?
do you think this is a bug? because the limits of the revisions we make are has no effect.
your experience can help others

The revision is never limited. Its not a bug that is just how fiverr works. :neutral_face:

It’s up to you to do more revisions after revisions limit you gave have been reached or not.
The system won’t do automatic limitation.
You can politely tell your buyer that they can’t ask for more revisions, with the risk they will cancel the order or give you bad review.
Or, you can politely tell them that the revisions limit have been reached, but you keep doing revisions they asked because their satisfaction is important to you. In this way, you must doing some additional works, but with expectation that you will get good review and maybe long-time business relationship with your buyer.
Buyer always in control, not seller … :neutral_face:

@OP, I want to believe that the ‘3-revisions limit’ you mentioned is clearly stated in your gig descriptions. The likelihood of bad reviews or order cancellation shouldn’t deter you from politely but confidently reminding your Buyer when the limit is reached. You can always report any Buyer who unfairly rates you or cancels an Order. In most instances, when your delivery is right, there is hardly any demand for revisions so always ensure that you deliver excellently. That way, you stand good chance when Buyer disputes and CS wades in.

it happens.
sometimes seems like the revisions are never going to end.