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How to Sovle order canceltion issue?

Hi, Assalamu Alaikum
How i am solve fiverr order cancellation problem. Few buyer no provide requirement. And few buyer Revision and revision. Experience Brothers Please Help Me!


For revision and revision you need to handle client professionally and IF any one does not give you any requirement order was not started and there is no way to cancel the order & coundown of time is not satrted so How cancel your order?

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You have “Unlimited revision” in all gigs. The client can ask you how many revisions he wants.


Many buyer do not provide requirement just Sending her website. And tell me flyer.

Brother my two client 4 days change and change her requirement.

It’s his right, he can change whenever he wants, a point, a letter, a line or any other design. Provides unlimited revisions, he can change whenever he wants. You can not ask for a payment because you have unlimited revisions. It is the biggest mistake to offer such a thing. There are many customers taking advantage of this. You’ll probably learn from this happening.