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How to spend $5!

“Congrats! Your $5 are waiting to be spent. Remember to spend them before 25 May23:59 GMT”

I am new on Fiverr but honestly I have tried spending this $5 for the last 5 days in vain. How do I really go about it?

Order a gig that is worth $5. Click on a seller’s gig and there is a button you can click if you want to order something.

As a Seller I’ve had a few Buyers who are not happy to lose their $5 in that manner. So, they order randomly as you suggest here, and it’s a waste of their time and mine; which makes for a bad user experience for both of us. Better suggestion is for Buyers to ask Fiverr CS for an extension.

You have to order the gig and then submit informations. I sell email lists, If you need you can check here:

Uhm… The OP posted how he could spend his $5. I just gave him an idea on the basic procedure on how to order a gig. I didn’t say order a gig randomly… Fiverr CS doesn’t extend bonuses of $5 as it is just a perk.

I can see my gigs to get best services on wordpress

May be you are talking about reward $5.

You can spend in your next order easily. Thanks

Yes, i’m trying to spend this but it’s not crediting to my acct. Help us Fiverr! Fix this so we can be happy you gave us a credit as opposed to feeling like you are dangling a carrot in front of our faces!