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How to spot Con buyers?

I have been on Fivrr for long and saw a pattern of scam buyers who will definitely ask for a refund no matter what you do. those are the following ugly traits they poses which you need to think twice before accepting any job from them

1- they don’t give you enough info to work with
2- they will accept almost any price you offer them
3- they need the result in 24 hours max
4- usually they communicate with broken English or informal way
5- they are often young ( millennials or Genzers ) I know from the way they communicate … I am a, unfortunately, a millennial =)
6- they will ask for progress after 12 hours of the contract
7- when you ask, why they want a refund? they just diss your work without any reason, even though you specifically did what was communicated in the chat
8- they are relatively new at fivrr
9- again, notice their chat, it’s all over the place.

I hope you watch out for that kind of creatures because two or more of them will ruin your experience in fivrr

if you have more tips , please do share



I disagree.

I am in Canada.

Some of my regular clients speak English as a second language and live in Canada or the United States.

Your statement (I know, you used the word “usually”) is an unfair categorization.


Not necessarily true…

About 2 weeks ago, I started working with a client who was brand new to Fiverr. She had just joined that month and had no previous purchases. So far, I’ve had an awesome experience with her and she became one of my regular customers!