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How To Spot Potentiality In New Sellers?

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Information is very helpful, thank you sir.

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As a new seller, This is very helpful

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@nyantsa “But, being active on the forum is not a 100% sure metric for spotting potential in new sellers, but it can, depending on how you would rate the posts and comments of that particular seller (some personality traits of the seller could be taken in account). However, you would see professionalism and courtesy in their posts and comments.”

This metric is absolutely inaccurate for many reasons. For example, posting on a forum is not a sample of my work or has anything to do with my work or the professionalism I have when talking with a client via messages. Those two are separated.

Wow…very helpful article for new seller. Thanks :heart: :heart:

Thanks a lot for sharing an Informative helpful topic.

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I am a good seller … thanks for sharing …

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