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How To Spot Potentiality In New Sellers?

Nice Post. It will help to find the perfect new seller.

Thank you very much, To share the experience so beautifully. I benefited a lot as a new saller

Very good information. It is very helpful for new sellers like me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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thanks for your advice :gift_heart:

Very good information thanks for shear this information :+1:

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Assume much?

As mentioned before, new sellers may be more excited that they got an order - but this does NOT in any way mean that they are more attentive to details than a seller who has been here 5 years.

I have been here for 8.5 years, so I guess I don’t count in your theorem. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

and this:

Most sellers here are not “counselors” who want to hand hold with their buyers and most buyers do not need or want this. They want their darn project done the way they want it - right the first time. All the “how are your feelings today” will not erase a crappy job. Sure, may make you look like you are empathetic, but that is not what most sellers are hawking here. Who cares what their mood is? For most, you want their mood to be creating an order from you!!!



despite the fact that you have a lot of experience. Absolutely no one can 100% fulfill the whims of any customer. the performer is not clairvoyant and cannot look into the brain. therefore, I believe that communication should be mandatory, at least during the briefing phase. Well, if this communication is diluted with simple friendly phrases, it will not be worse, and the interlocutor is more pleasant. Nobody forces you. it’s just a desire. I don’t understand why you answered so negatively. Keep it simple))))

Again, assumptions. I guess you do not know what category I am in.

I answered in your mind negatively, because your “advice” is moot. Asking how your buyer is feeeeeling today is not how business is run. Sure, there is the “hey, how ya doin!” stuff, but, that is all fake and no one ever tells you really how they are - well, unless you are their clairvoyant, astrologer, psychic or counselor.

Most categories here are professional in nature - and this means treating the buyer professionally - not as if they are in your “inner circle” and you are trying to be their friend. They just want the work done right the first time. Period.

By asking how they feel is not keeping it simple, in fact, this can just make things complicated in a business setting. Again, unless you are a counselor, feelings do not come into play here.

Also, you posted my reply in Russian - I do not speak that language, so do not want others to get the notion I posted in what is probably your native tongue. I only speak English and Pig-Latin. LOL



Lol that was truly confusing :grinning:


I just give a conclusion from my practice. I have always been sociable and polite with all clients. And we ended our cooperation with all the clients with good emotions, with some of them we still communicate.

And the fact that I made a quote in Russian: apparently, one of the quirks of my Internet browser. But I don’t think you were uncomfortable. I didn’t even bother to fix it :slight_smile: Okay. Both of us were not convinced. I hope you will be fine))))

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The Fiverr forum is a great place for new vendors to learn

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