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How to Spot Talented Sellers

If you are looking to trust your project to only the most talented of Sellers, you will want to follow these signs that indicate Sellers will be excellent partners:

  1. If you look at their “Gig Description” and it does not come close to the maximum word limit allowed (assuming it is not an overly simple Gig), you may want to consider whether they will place as much effort in your project as they did their description.

  2. Check out their reviews…each of them! This will be a pretty solid indicator of how these Sellers have taken care of their clients in the past. You want someone with a good track record but don’t discount new Sellers because it is tough to get the first job and we all need to start somewhere!

  3. Look at their response time. If you want your project done quickly by someone who will communicate with you frequently during the process, this is an important statistic to look at. Combine this with positive reviews for the sellers communication and you have a winner!

  4. Review previous project examples/images/videos before buying. If these items do not appear to be what you are looking for you can either move on or send the Seller a quick message asking if they can do something similar to the project you would like done.

  5. Look for Sellers who will make revisions but don’t take advantage of that fact! Sellers work hard for both the review and the money the project is worth. They will work to make changes in the scope of the project in order to make sure you are pleased with their work!

    I hope you find these tips helpful! If you get the chance, check out my profile and see how I stack up to these tips! I would be happy to chat with anyone who wants to talk about this topic!

    Until next time Fiverr!!!

Reply to @mary1979: A few days ago there was a buyer see examples, and she did not come back, do not buy the product.

Looks like buyers who ask cntoh not serious with the business, or simply compare all gigs seller

Nice points @techmeout.

I’m a new seller and trying to follow these points. Haven’t got any sales yet so stuck on point 2. Yes it is a tough job to get the first sale :slight_smile:

I also see a lot of sellers who have horrible gig descriptions and images but still have pretty good sales. So I wonder if having good keywords in your gig description matters more than anything else.

How much time do most buyers actually spend reading gig descriptions?

It gave me a reference, what should I do as a seller


mompreneur13 makes a valid point; however, response times are often beyond our control. By sheer good luck I was able to maintain my response time at 100% for a while- until I recieved an order from the other side of the world at 2AM. By the time I got to my desk at 8AM, my response rate had taken a fall to 80%. I have now included a note in my gig descriptions that mentions the fact that responses might be delayed due to differences in local times. I just hope buyers take note of it.

These are great points. The only one that is not quite as indicative as the others might be the response time. I’ve had a personal experience where I lagged behind on responding to a few messages and it was enough to throw my average off completely. It went from approximately 4-6 hours to 17+ hours. Huge difference. However with less than a week or so of being careful to respond asap, my response time is back to 6 hours. Just something to bear in mind! :slight_smile: The rating and reviews should be considered much more than the response time.

Ok, let’s see if buyers will actually take the time to read a gig description, because some will just go right ahead and order.

It is all subjective.

I don’t want to sound rude, but I disagree with almost every one of these points.

  1. Some sellers can get their point across very succinctly and don’t need 1200 characters to cover every aspect of their gig.

  2. Yes, if buyer would actually read reviews, and not just look at the sheer number of reviews, they would probably get “scammed” less often. I see this a lot–a buyer comes to the forum and complains about a seller. If you check out the seller before a sheriff removes the link the buyer inevitably posts, you can almost always find a bunch of reviews citing the buyers exact same issue.

  3. Like others have mentioned, response time isn’t always indicative of how responsive a seller is going to be. I answer every message (when I’m awake) within about a half hour, but the ones that roll in while I’m asleep have kicked my response time out to three hours.

  4. Not every seller makes or does something that can be added to a live portfolio. It’s nice for sellers who can, but the problem with the portfolio is that there are no reference prices and the work there isn’t always representative of what a buyer will get for his money/project.

  5. No, just…no. Sellers are perfectly welcome to offer revisions, but telling buyers only to work with sellers that offer them isn’t cool. Out in the real world, where freelancers are paid by the hour and you can charge your client for more time when they use more of your time, sure. Here on Fiverr? No.

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for all of the great discussion on this post! I wanted to touch on some of the items that have been mentioned so far:

  1. This post is just one perspective of the thousands that are out there so know that while some of these tips will be helpful to some, others won’t agree…and that is OK!

  2. I have experienced the pain of a buyer contacting me at 2 am while I am asleep and not being able to respond until I am awake…it’s tough and unfortunate that it takes away from our response time as sellers. Perhaps Fiverr can set up an auto reply feature that lets buyer’s know we are “out of the office” during certain times based on our time zones and then it won’t impact our response time?

  3. I too have had people order one of my gigs, seemingly without reading the description provided. Unfortunately, we as sellers cannot control who reads our entire description or not. I still argue that longer descriptions with a strong eye-catching initial statement bring people in and give them more confidence in your product.

    Once again, thanks for all of your responses and I look forward to expanding on this conversation!

Reply to @julipalmer7: It can go the other way too. Yesterday I posted a gig request to fix my Opencart site. I received 12 offers, of which 10 were from sellers sending me their gigs to fix Magento, Prestashop or Wordpress sites. I don’t know if they didn’t bother to read my request before giving me a quote (which is worrying), or if they think these platforms are the same thing (which is even more worrying).

In agreement with your number 2 tip, @techmeout because if that is the case when people send messages or orders when we are asleep and their time zone is different from us, I don’t see how this will benefit us as sellers, if our response rate will be affected. I think this will be useful for the suggestion box in the forum.

Spam is not wanted on the Fiverr forums. Multiple warnings have been given.

The length of the reply message is not related to the quality of work.

People separated by different time zones.
When the seller does not reply to the message, that means the seller off. Probably asleep.
Response 1x24 hours is something that is feasible for buyers

I just disagree with point number 1.

Others are ok…

Response time is not something to look at. We don’t have to respond to every message. Sometimes I don’t respond to someone because it is spam or someone that I know that I don’t want to work for. My average response time is 5 hours, but I am human. I do sleep sometimes. I am normally online while I am awake, but that 5 hours is not true during the day. I respond much faster than that to my normal orders and messages. Response time is not really a good point.

Second, @emasonwrites awesome point on the seller live portfolio. That does not really represent the gig and I know that I personally do not like that feature, for that reason. It does not put the cost on there for the work. Not everything is just five bucks.

Every project is unique. I don’t like it when buyers ask for examples. I might not have anything in their niche or even close to it. This is not something to base buying a gig on. Good reviews and remarks are however something to look at. Just the example part is really off. @techmeout

Reply to @techmeout: One thing I would love to see is sort of like your 2) but a bit different. Rather than have a “blackout” on response time at night in your time zone, I’d like to see the ability to set “office hours.” Some people prefer to work nights, some work on Fiverr part-time and can’t use a mobile phone during their other jobs. Others may work 5 hours earlier in the day, take a few hours off to spend with family, and then perhaps work 5 more hours in the late evening/night.

We are all different. If a buyer wanted to look for someone who offers 24/7 hours that might be an advantage to new or workaholic sellers who are willing to let an e-mail chime wake them and go right to work. Most people don’t want to or can’t keep up a schedule like that, though. If we could set our own working hours and have response time based on those, it would be excellent.

Reply to @mirajgeb: You have been repeatedly warned against hijacking threads with your spam. You have also had access to the forum Do’s and Dont’s along with everyone else. Thread hi-jacking is not appreciated.

I’ve sent several examples of your spam to Fiverr admins so they may look into your account. This is not the way to get buyers.