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How to stand out among Logo Design Gigs even if you provide low quality services and use clip art

For new sellers on fiverr, please don't follow the tips below. They are just pointing out the phenomena I notice. Thanks very much.

NOT really tips here. I just want to point out some weird phenomena in the logo design field. Please share you thoughts if I am a bit biased. Thanks. :)

Here are the "TIPS":

- Use a professional clip art logo found on the Internet as the thumbnail (even if it's not yours, nobody will bother)

- "Flood" the top recommended search results by "flooding" your gig title with keywords when you create your gig at the FIRST time (seems that only at the 1st time can you do so. When you come back and edit the gig later, you will receive a warning saying “excessive use of the word……” ). An effective SEO method.
e.g. I will logo, logo, logo, logo / i will logo, Logo, 2D lOGO, LOGO

- Use short and bad grammar for the title
e.g. I will logo / I will logo design / I will a logo / I will logo logo

- Flood the gig description with keywords even it is nonsense or annoying when you create your gig at the FIRST time, rather then provide details about the gig. An effective SEO method.
e.g. I will do a logo, logo, logo, logo, business logo, modern logo, 2D logo, 3D logo, real estate logo, company logo, personal logo, logo, web logo, brand logo, blog logo, youtube logo,vector logo,logo, new logo, logo.

- Turn off your live portfolio so no one will see your low quality work.

- Ask some of your friends to make the first few orders and leave high rating. When your gig is up in the recommended search results, orders will come to you.

So, my questions are, how can high quality providers stand out among these gigs with uneven quality? Seems using social network or even building my own website can't easily override low quality services using my above "tips", is it?


I know what you mean… i’m in the graphic design field, and there’s lots of gigs here on fiverr that offers a very low quality, and lots of these gigs have houndreds of positive reviews. i just can’t understand it.

I want to believe that the best we can do in order to stand out is to provide top quality work.

of course you need to think about your gig tags/keywords and stuff, but i think that the most important thing is the actual quality of the work you provide.

Thanks. Maybe I should try creating a gig titled “I will logo, logo, logo, logo” with the description “I will logo, logo, logo, logo, logo, logo, logo, logo, logo, logo, logo, logo, logo, logo, logo, logo, logo, logo, logo, logo, logo, logo, logo…” and test the outcome. Just kidding. :wink:


:)) Nice post.

Yep, I agree that’s the only way to stand out besides utilizing other promotion tools like social network. Hopefully the sellers would be wise choose someone who provide high quality products and dare showcase their work samples in the gig portfolio. :slight_smile:

“Flood” the top recommended search results.

Don try to do this.As now fiverr search engine have updated. Anway Many tips considered as worthless at this time.

You can try.But wont have any result.As now everything changed.

I joined fiverr almost 3years,so i can tell with you about that.

kjblynx, sorry about that, just changed that :slight_smile:


Thanks for your info. But I bet the search engine update doesn’t have any effect on those using the above “tips” much much earlier? Try typing “logo” and switch to “recommended” and you can discover the gigs I’m talking about.

Of course the above is not really “TIPS”. They’re just some interesting observations about the gigs. I’d like to stress again, please don’t follow the above tips if you’re new high quality sellers in fiverr. Providing the best service should be the sure-fire way to succeed. :slight_smile:

It is simple guys, they are based on delivering “quantity” over “quality” they have the exposure and they are ranked high. The buyer doesn’t always know what is best for him so they follow that criteria “Wow their top rated ? wow they have 9999k sells ? wow they have 400+ orders in queue ? If everybody is buying I will also!”. To make it short, Those sellers ride the wave because their gigs have the exposure and marketing behind them to do so…

It is not something to hazard over if you ask me… just keep beeing professional and everyone gets what is theirs.


Kjblynx, thanks for your kind note. I just added some bold words to prevent my post from misleading others. Hope you can understand they are not real TIPS.

Radugeorgescu, thanks for your insights. I believe good quality will finally override quantity in the long run.

Reply to @socialprofess: Go back and read @willpower_hk’s OP again. He’s being ironic & he clearly says DON"T follow these tips!

radugeorgescu said: and everyone gets what is theirs.

I want SO bad to believe in karma!! Because believe me, my ex-husband clearly deserves a long, drawn-out visit from karma!

6 years later and nothing has changed.

Except I found this topic just now and I am mesmerized my the notion of just how many “succeeded” from 2014 to 2020 by following the “TIPS”.

I am reading the reviews on some PRO and level 2 designers and I can clearly see that the only reason they do not have more negatives is that poor buyer doesn’t even know he received low quality service.
Images in delivery that are shown in reviews are pure outrage of low low quality.