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How to stand out and thrive on Fiverr

Its easy enough to understand the concept that “Standing out” can helps us all improve our business but the real question here is how. How do we distinguish our selves from everyone else and what can we specifically do in our Gig’s that will help us achieve this vague notion of individualism?

Let me start by sharing something interesting. I recently heard something regarding the human body. As it turns out, the human body has a biological road map of how it manages and addresses physical conditions and this simple road map is executed in the same way every time. For example, when you’re feeling hungry your brain first addresses the “Why?” and determines that your stomach is empty and perhaps you haven’t eaten in 10 hours. Next, your brain determines the “How?” and decides that you need to eat something in order to address the issue of hunger. Finally, the technical part of your brain takes on the “What?” and comes up with the specific game plan of making a ham and cheese sandwich and a glass of lemonade to consume and thus meeting the need of your original condition.

Regardless of the situation, our body always addresses the “Why, How, and What” of a given situation and it is ALWAYS in that specific order. You see, the part of the brain that deals with emotions also manages decisions which is entirely different than the part of the brain which manages vocabulary! This is the reason why we have sayings like, “I’m not going to buy this product because it doesn’t FEEL right”. What it boils down to is… we need to first understand the “Why” before we make a decision about any given situation.

So, how does this translate to your business on Fiverr? If you want to really connect with your client base, you need to first understand WHY you are selling your product or service. What is your motivation for getting up in the morning and logging into your Fiverr account? I am a voice actor, and I can sit here and tell you how great my voice sounds and how the quality of the audio I submit is soooo professional and unmatched. I can even rant on about how fast I deliver my jobs and how I communicate frequently with my customers BUT this is only the by-product of my services. Although all of these things are important in there own right, they are not at the core of “Why” a customer will decide to hire me over the next voice actor.

My "Why"

The truth is, my business as a voice actor boils down to “Connecting and Engaging”. I am passionate about connecting people together and engaging in the human experience. This is my “Why” and it just so happens that “How” I do it is by expressing my personal convictions through a script written by my client and intended to be heard by their customers. My goal is to engage and invoke an emotional response when my client’s customers hear my voice during a commercial or presentation. And finally, a by-product of all of this is that my voice sounds great and the quality of my audio is fantastic.

This is the reason my Gig description starts off with “Why” I’m a voice actor and not the specifics of my products and services!

I encourage all of you reading this to take the time to understand and articulate “Why” you do what you do here are Fiverr and take your business to the next level. Your clients will appreciate your ability to connect with them on an emotional level and you’ll discover a far greater sense of fulfillment in your business…oh, and it won’t hurt that your sales will go up too!

Andres Berrio
Voice Actor


This was a really interesting read and different than what people are always posting on here. Which I appreciate for the unique aspect. I’ve never read anything on the brain like that.
It also highlights the fact that routine works… that’s how you get results, it’s the same process, different ideas.
I know my why and that’s because I enjoy creating and to be able to create design for people around the world in order for them to further their business, it’s amazing. I always knew I wanted to create somehow , I never knew until the past few years that what I create can have an impact on how business and entrepreneurs succeed in their lives.

What’s fascinating is I’ve never put it this way until now.