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How to stand out if you are freshman?

Hi fellows!

Im totally new here on fiverr and I know it takes time to get the very first order :slight_smile:

But how can we stand out of category which contains too many sellers, and they are very talented, professionals?

Should I start with only one gig or will all 7 gigs to maximize my opportunity?

Appreciate any tip


Try to create 7 gig that you can do professionally it will help to get priority

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as my intention. Thanks!

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I suggest you post as much gig as possible and try to be more active and also try promoting your gig as much as you can.

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Not sure having many gigs would help you. But if most people say that, you can give it a try. I only have one and it has been pretty good with generating revenue. I also have another extra gig which I don’t even use. My suggestion is add a lot of samples of what you are offering. Fast communication also helps, when you start to get orders, deliver them as soon as you can. Those are the stuff I did to become a level 2 seller. So hope you research more and do what is best for you. Good luck buddy!

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Appreciate your suggestions <3

Thanks friend for advising

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