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How to start an elegant conversation with my client?


how to start an elegant conversation with my client?


Elegant Intro:

Just kidding! I’m not making fun of you, but your question seemed unanswerable so I thought I’d give you a meme for your effort!


Elegant sounds a bit strange…do you mean something like “polite,” well-mannered, etc?


Here is an elegant conversation:

Hello my dear Sir and welcome to my gigs here on this exceptional website. I am delighted to show you around and assist you in any way I can this evening. Please let me know your desires and requirements so we can find something suitable, that meets and exceeds your needs.

Why thank you very much! I am seriously considering your well thought out and intriguing offerings. I find them very much to my liking!


Just to help you out since I’m guessing you do mean you just want to start polite, just write like a regular person. Don’t try to be elegant or something. Misscrystal gave you a good example of what might be an elegant message in some situations, (and is fun to read) but Fiverr buyers are just people. Don’t call them dear sir but also don’t go so lax that you say “bro” or friend. Just say Hello and answer their questions without a lot of nonsense.


Oooh! Now that feline has some style and swagger. I bet he’s a member of the “Cat Pack” (i.e., “Rat Pack”). He seems like the kind of kitty who could tickle some ivory, and produce a jazzy tune. :sunglasses:


How not to start an elegant conversationaustin-powers-cocktail-glass-4900072


Thanks @misscrystal for your valuable opinion.


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