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How to start getting orders as a new seller?

As a new seller on Fiverr for voice-over jobs, how can I start getting orders if I do not have any recommendations or reviews yet?
Can I initially offer free jobs to start getting reviews from clients?
If so, how can I do it? And if not, what can be done?


Not really because you can’t have an order for anything less than $5. If you cancelled their order they couldn’t leave a review, and the cancellation would affect your stats.

You could start at the minimum price of $5 if you wanted but not less. You can send offers to buyer requests you can do well to help start off.


stay active online, do more research, provide best service

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Uhh, you don’t offer voice overs, you offer a text to speech service.

I guess that is why you’d be willing to record for no pay to pad out your profile with reviews…

And your rate is more expensive than mine, and I actually offer a real voice using thousands of dollars worth of audio equipment…


your most welcome to this platform.
stay online , and use your daily 10 buyer request.

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hi let me explain try to send buyer request to grab more jobs and try to online on fiverr every day you will get jobs soon.

How i do daily 10 buyer request.

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@ilanit_koren What’s the difference between your service and free online text to speech services?

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“use your daily 10 buyer request.”
What is it?
What do you mean?

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I thought it’s the same…

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How do I do that?
use your daily 10 buyer request.

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He means send 10 offers to buyer requests every day.

If you go to the buyer requests page, you’ll see some requests to which you can leave offers. Then, buyers select sellers for the task based on their offers.

Every seller is able to send up to 10 offers every day!

Thanks! I hope this helps!

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what do you mean?
How do I do that?

I look also for that answer.

I explained some basics about buyer requests in my post above. I would suggest reading that before posting!

This entire thread is infuriating to me. From the ad nauseam repetition of tired old “tips” and the type of content that the OP is offering.


Your service might be misleading the Buyers because what you actually offer is artificial intelligence technology created text to speech audio file.

Misleading may result in Gig removal according to ToS.

You may want to describe the Gig the way that Buyers understand that they would get computer generated audio file but not actual human voice.

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i think you donot know what is buyer request google or youtube it you will know better

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Welcome to the forum. Try to research Fiverr.

Its more help to you: Tips for Sellers - Fiverr Community Forum

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just click on more option and select buyer request.