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How to start getting the orders on fiverr?

One of the main things you might have heard over Fiverr is to improve the gig…
Let me tell you that this is correct… but there are another couple of the things as well that you can do to improve your visibility on fiver…
No Impressions it means that you need to Edit Tags
Yes Impressions and No Clicks it means that you need to Edit Title of your gig and Picture
Yes Clicks No Orders it means that it is the time to Edit Description & Pricing on your gig

Other than that, you can start focusing on marketing your gig on outside fiver…
Try to use some of the outside forums, channels like social media can be helpful in this regard.

Have you also used PPC? Let me know if any of you have already used ppc for generating the orders…


Thanks for the detailed info. I would like to know a bit more about ppc. Would you explain it to me please

As PPC (pay per click) is referred to and forms part of the OP’s expertise this has been moved to the advertising category of My Fiverr Gigs.


Ok, you have 11min read time on the forum, you came here, copied (read “stole”) some one else’s topic and posted it here pretending to be yours?

That is against forum rules to copy someone else’s content. You should post only your original thoughts based on your own experience or observations.


yes, I was trying to get your point of view of anyone of you have ever used some paid Ads for generating traffic to fiverr gigs… or if anyone have ever generated some results this way…

Read the full text…
My intention was to get your point of view on the ppc.