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HOW TO START MAKING SALES AS A NEWBIE ON FIVERR(It takes one buyer to start making sales on fiverr)


After I joined fiverr, I felt so bad when I couldn’t get any sales. Later, after a little bit of research I discovered that the key to success on fiverr lies in your first sale.
So now the BIG QUESTION is how do you get your first sale on fiverr?
There are several ways to getting your first sale on FIVERR, but I think using the buyer request option is the best, and for you to really enjoy the buyers request option, you must try to have more than one gig running.
Just my experience though! Anyone can add his/hers!

How DO I Generate More Sell as a New Seller

After I got my first sale, I asked my buyer why did he choose me. He said that he was looking for someone online.

So my suggestion for newbies would be to create multiple gigs and stay online as much as possible. There are a lot of tips available for how to create cool gigs, search and apply them on your gigs. Also buyer requests may be a good option.


@baserkandehir You are so correct! No one wants to buy from a seller that will take forever to reply his/her message. Staying online gives your buyer the impression that you’ll deliver in time.


@kurocitymedia first of all I would say just be responsible and keep up the spirit, make sure you communicate well and be patient with your buyers, here are some great tips on getting your first order

and you can listen to this podcast too :slight_smile: It will help alot


i think if you share your gigs on social media then also your gig will be on top of searching engine and you will get more and more orders.


Thanks everyone for your inputs! Still keep rolling them in.


What worked for me, honestly, was just posting offers in the buyer’s request and generating views, clicks, and impressions relentlessly. Not just for the gigs you think you can do, but for ones that you can maaaaybe do. Because even if you don’t get messaged back, that’s still going to get your gig looked at, and you’ll start to develop a steady flow of views and eventually someone’s going to see you and grab up your services.

It also helps to start with small prices and workloads that match the prices. That way you can knock out your first gig easy, get a five star rating right off the bat, and start turning more heads.


@kurocitymedia, I would suggest you use buyer request on daily basis and also make different kinds of gigs about your niche which give more chance to get orders easily.



stabbykinz great input!


@stabbykinz great input and yes I am still learning how to respond


As I speak, my gigs creation isn’t more than a month old even though I signed up last year October. I was fortunate to get my first two orders 48 hours after I created my gigs. One was from Buyers Requests (BR) and the other from my gig. Funny enough, the order ($) from my poetry gig was 20 times more than the one from the BR.

Here is what I did:

  1. I defined what I could do – clearly – in my gig description (arranging them in bullets can help!).

  2. I frequented the BR a lot. You should get the mobile app, I can’t underscore how important this is.

  3. Again, understand time-zones (consult your search engines for this). You may have to wake up in the night to check the BR– but hey, I am not saying you shouldn’t sleep. Here is what I do to make it easier for me: I stop switching off my phone (though I turn off the data to preserve the battery). I always try to check my phone, whenever I happen to wake up, to check the BR. It helps.

  4. Put in your very best both in communication and in delivery.

I hope this helps. Good luck! And thanks to the initiator of this thread.


I am also suffering fro this problem, I does not got any sells and I also try the buyer request option but doesn’t got any things in the result?
**So you please tells what I do more for solve this problem ? **


Yes,Same to me bro! But still I’m struggling.
Fiverr is the best market place where buyer will find you.


Yes I know this is best market place where buyer find us but is there any tips to accelerate the sell ??


Active much on both fiver and forum is a good tip I think.


If you got anything in the result @sujon_shahporan


When you will active much on this forum it will help to promote your gigs.Your gigs should be unique. Try to stay online as much as possible & replay buyer quickly. I hope those will help your gig promote.


ok thanks for giving such good tips :slight_smile: @sujon_shahporan


Your buyer request option depends on your gig. Publish maximum number of GIG of maximum category. Then you will find buyer request.


OK but I am in the book cover designing,So which category I also use ??