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How to start selling gigs on fiverr

I am new on fiver and want to become a top rated seller… i know there’s a time for me to do this but i want to get some help from fiverr’s top rated sellers that how to sell out gigs i upload 5 gigs on fiverr but i didnt get any responce. countings of impressions,clicks,view is increasing day by day but i have no orders…

Please give me some advice what should i do… Thank You

i’ve seen your gig and it nice, too

Be patient, 1st month is slow then better in 2nd month

There is plenty information here on the forum.Go and check in the category Tips For Sellers.Read everything that you think it can be helpfull.

be patient, i aso a new member in fiverr, but i got an order 2 days after i create my gig… beginners luck i guess, but be patient and be active on forum :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for those comments, very encouraging!