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How to Start selling:Unlimited Revisions and More work less price


I was just looking at the forum and I saw that every new buyer has a problem with making sales because they don’t have any rating to show, which makes it risky for buyers to shop from them.The main thing about making sales is that you have to earn buyer’s trust first to buy your gig.No matter how great your profile looks you can’t make any sales unless you have some 5 Star ratings.So here is one way by which I started making sales and that is offering unlimited revisions to the buyer ,by this the buyer won’t have to worry about the delivery because he has unlimited revisions to make sure that he/she gets what he/she wants.

The seller has a fear that the buyer will keep asking for more and more changes but actually it doesn’t go far than two to three revisions because buyer will always be in a hurry to get his desired delivery so don’t worry about anything and always offer unlimited revisions.

Another thing I observed that you can also get order by offering less price than the buyer offered to pay .You have to start from somewhere so why not do more work for less price .Once you start getting orders then you can offer any price according to the demand of work.

P.S You can offer your service to buyers in “BUYERS REQUEST” down in the selling menu

Great!! I Appreciate that

One thing I’ve learned in all my years of freelancing, sales, etc. is that competing on price is a race to the bottom of the barrel. So while, at least in the beginning, one may find it appropriate to undercut everyone else in order to garner the reviews necessary to achieve a Level 1 badge, once you’ve hit that point perhaps reconsider your pricing model. As freelancers, we have so many tools at our disposal that we can utilize to provide a great client experience (excellent communication with the client, offering to right our mistakes in a timely and non-confrontational manner, staying humble and thankful for the opportunity to work). Once you’ve gained some feedback and are more confident in the quality of work you produce, set your prices at a point that makes your working hours financially beneficial for yourself.

Agreed Sir

You will burn in the ass and your eyes. If you put a lot of revisions to the buyer

Helpful trips.

Thanks for the advise. I have not been able to get one order yet.

Thank you so much for great Advice.

Nice article

Personally I would not agree with you on both cases.

  • Offering unlimited revisions might lead you into complications and you would end up canceling the order if you’re with " tough " customer. And you should in no way work for free.

  • Cutting the prices so that you will be able to compete? That’s a good idea, but what if you’re truly an experienced individual. Why to sacrifice when most of your competitors are offering services which you don’t call them a quality jobs.

I think, this post is appropriate for sellers who just started their career, who don’t even know what and how to do. (I remember one guy’s post on forum, who got a job which was impossible to think of doing it in the price and timeline he got then he came to forum and asked people how to do it , that was really funny and yet sad post)

So if you’re new seller or level 1 even 2 and trs. Go thorough Fiverr Academy and spend your time there. You willl understand everything what works how.

Assuming your claims " I am professional something with blah blah years of experience" are genuine, then you shouldn’t have a problem setting up your portfolio. The only thing speaks even if you don’t have reviews is your portfolio. Set up your portfolio.(It is tough job but pays off later) People love surfing. If your portfolio is wonderful, congratulations your journey just started!

P.S: I started with hard work and I communicated well in buyers request when i started my fiverr journey 7 months ago. I don’t have portfolio yet. I’ve been developing for 2 months and It is coming soon!

very helpful. and I will begin to do best

Well I wrote this article for newbies who don’t have any experience and don’t know how to get started .I really appreciate your advice it works for professionals but someone new to this field needs some tricks to start selling.

Just to add this here, in some cases, when the seller is eager to make sales at any cost, some buyers offer impossible jobs and demand a 24/hrs delivery, and when your through, he gets his delivery and tell you it’s not up to standard and makes you revise and revise and at the end probably cancel the order.
My point is, in lowering your standard also know your worth or you’ll be toyed with.

Exactly! If you don’t want to be used like a toy, don’t act like one.

Thanks for your tips and I will definitely try this, I really want to make my clients happy with my quality work.

Thanks for advice sir. I will try to implement this.

Thanks for your tips. Some of them are a little bit awkward, but there are good tips for beginneers. I am always looking for new ways to improve my sales.

Yes, but is there anyone(newbie in their field not on fiverr) who don’t claim i am that and this? Most people watch some tutorials on youtube or lynda/tuts+ and say that they are professional with years of experience. Of course not.

Hello! please if anyone could help me, my fiverr account dash board display message, (Your gig requires modifications before it can go live). I modified again and again but message is still there.