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How to stay awake in your niche- an introduction to the mafia games

Have you noticed that despiste putting all your best into delivering a gig you still get a negative rating. Calm down, but why are this negative review coming in fast despite your unsoiled 100% positive rating? Dear seller do not fret you have been trapped in the MAFIA’S WEB. Who are the MAFIA’S and what is their mission? The Mafia’s are fellow competitors in your niche who consider you as a serious competitor whose wing needs to be clipped. Just as Mafia’s fight for domination in the real world, it also happens here on Fiverr (the virtual business space). The best way to stay clear of the Mafia’s in your niche is to check the profile of every buyer before you lay your hand on thier job. You do not need to be anxious about making money… I will be back on this thread with more proofs, in the mean time feel free to share your experience with us. Thanks

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My goodness, so much drama! Many Fiverr sellers are actual grownups who are just here to do a job well, and make some money at whatever they are good at. They don’t have time to waste playing stupid games. Some sellers seem to be willing to cheat, lie and steal, but it does seem to be more of a problem with people who sell dubious services; maybe they’re more willing to steal from other sellers, too.

since the can’t offer good service, and their greed could not be tamed, they strive to bring down the good ones by posing as buyers- I mean the fraudulent Mafias =D>

So what are they going to do? Spend a truck load of money until they give everyone they deem as competition a poor rating. Goodness. I would rather spend my money and energy on other things.

steveeyes said: a truck load of money


truck load of money, little drops of water makes the huge ocean…

Hey, a new strategy is now to find something that they can find to report to Fiverr that your gig is against TOC. I had a gig chopped of today, a review gig, saying “somebody had reported me” and that the reviews where misleading the buyers of these products or services. Well, then Fiverr needs to go ahead an cut off all the testimonial gigs and such.