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How to stay motivated after not getting any orders for more than a month


Any success stories or motivation for a seller who isn’t getting any orders?

I was pretty hyped the first month but now I think it isn’t happening BUT I want to make my mark in the freelance market so looking forward to some kind words :slight_smile:

P.S This forum makes the experience more fun though love the interaction.

Thank you!


It took me more than a month to get my first order. So maybe you will get one soon. :wink:


I got my first order on the 6th day and second one in about a week, just be unique and you will surely attract some of the buyers

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If you create your two gigs one month ago I think now those two gigs are down day by day. It will be better if you create new gigs after deleting older gigs. try to use attractive thumbnail images. Complete full profile, use keywords, descriptions and other necessary things.


I’ll try that. I have had buyers message me but they are usually rude or want work of 2 days in hours.

Thank you so much. it was very helpful…


1/ Fiverr must not be your first and only source of income, in case even you dont get first order in 6 months , dont be desprate

2/ Dont sell for low prices, im selling my services above 200 dollars, got many messages whether i can provide them a custom service , i say no …said im busy , …

and wrote them back after 7 days…thus creating value and scarcity in client mind ,
Remember: the client will be more than happy that you contact them and feel appricated that YOU are saying yes to work on their project . in 7 days he has not forgotten about you, HE CONTACTED YOU for what?

3/ Over Deliver , keep things simple, fast and dont try to hard sell,

4/ If client is asking you way too much questions etc , dont answer him quickly , you appear hungry for the project instead auto send a message im busy in a project and get back to you in next 10 days …

5/ Create your own blog and project management system as fiverr dont provide you both, my clients are happy when they discover valuable content on the net , contact me and after closing the deal, i send them project management tool link to access it and see how every thing we have jot down into small pieces and where and who is working …

All the best

Scarcity , Relaxed communication with high valuable clients, flitering the cheap clients , offering clients high prices is the key to success on Fiverr, but 98% are doing the opposite

Best Wishes

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So, what you are saying is - correct me if I am wrong - it is your modus operandi to say NO to people contacting you, let them WAIT seven days, and then jump back in? And they are sitting around, just WAITING for you to come back?

I have been doing things all wrong!


@cyaxrex @misscrystal @mariashtelle1 @humanissocial

PLEASE comment on this one? I need a laugh.

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I am laughing from first sentence to last. From what I see he has no orders what so ever, and all his GIGs are with icecream over, and the title includes “Cheap” when in description How it’s work? OMG what is this, a joke or, a joke?

In his mind and demands he is PRO verified but in his presentation he is first day seller with 1 hour experience.


I just got an order yesterday after waiting for 2 months since my last delivery.
Edit: What on Earth am I seeing here?

To be honest there is nothing else to add :woman_facepalming: probably I’ll start doing the same as it seems to be a best practice to say to your clients to f***k off. Apparently they like it rough.

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I like to joke around as much as the next person but I take this job seriously.

I do slow down how fast I answer questions sometimes but not to try to seem busy. I don’t want to be drawn into long pointless Q and A sessions.

It’s not going to work waiting 7 days before answering if you obviously never get any orders. They can tell how busy you are by looking at your gigs and reviews and profile. It’s not creating scarcity as much as seeming like you aren’t the one to hire usually.

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I would have found someone else.


I like you @marinapomorac :laughing:

I enjoyed this post enormously.

This thread is from last August so I’m not sure why I’m answering.

Hopefully this gets closed.

Life doesn’t work like that, I hope obstacles will kill your arrogance.

“Ego is the enemy and Ambition is dangerous.”