How to stay on 1st page ? help [ARCHIVED]


Some times my gigs come to 1st page and after few days they go down why?


It is all arbitrary to Fiverr. Wow! I wish my voiceover gig was featured more often on the main page.



Ah ya I saw it after how many sales you became featured? Pls tell me


Dude, be HAPPY that you got featured or even on the top ten. Some of us NEVER see the front page. Cest La Vie!


Gigs rotate. Lucky gigs go up on the front page and then are slowly pushed down by new gigs. Imagine if the first gigs that were put on the front page ‘stayed’ there forever – you’d never get a chance to be there at all.


I became 1st page 2vice every time when I got my 1st positive revive gig rating on my profile page became 0% and gig disappeared from the search list. when reported to CS they corrected the issue but gig never came to 1st page again…