How to stay online 24hour?


If I go to sleep while mobile data is on,then will I show online?


Please don’t try to show online when you’re actually asleep or somewhere else. While there are ways to do it, it’s not only dishonest, you’ll get in trouble with Fiverr if you do that.


actually I am not intended to do it. But sometimes unfortunately it happens.
That’s why curious mind want to know! :slight_smile:


Then you might wish to change the title, so that nobody else gets the wrong idea. Perhaps something like “Why Do I Show Online Even While I’m Sleeping?”? :slightly_smiling_face:


I have logged out of Fiverr on my computer and then thought I signed out on my phone. However, nonetheless, I was have awoken in the middle of the night because of a message from Fiverr saying a buyer has messaged me. So I gave them a quick message back because I did not want my response rate to go down and made sure I was logged out of Fiverr. Now I always check to make sure I am logged out on all of my devices before I go to sleep. (I know I could just turn off my phone, but it is the only way my family can reach me in case of emergency.)


I think it will show you online whole the night if your data is on.

But issue is ::::::

  1. And it may help you getting more knock/messages from buyer,
  2. but you can’t reply them quickly as you are sleeping,
  3. so your response time will increase which is harmful for your account.

So best is logout from Fiverr during sleeping.


Maybe you can adjust your settings on Fiverr to show you as offline before you go to sleep, and then switch them back to online when you wake up?


If you live your life around being online on Fiverr 24 hours a day, then you are willingly making yourself a slave to your work. Don’t be a slave to your work. You don’t need to be online on Fiverr in order to earn sales. People can purchase from your gigs at any time – whether you are online or not. :wink:


ok! got it these issue :smiley: