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How to Stay online everytime on Android

Hi I am using my android phone I am always online but my Fiverr account is not online when I refresh the page then it says you are online this online function is only available in iPhone mobile not android is there any solution please help me in the android version there is no facility to stat online 24 hours on Fiverr

You shouldn’t show you are online unless you actually are. And if you are online 24/7 and not making sales, that is a poor use of your time. There is a reason people want to deal with a seller who is online and buyers don’t appreciate being tricked.

And being only 24 hours a day is not going to get you sales. Focus on learning about sales and supply and demand instead of trying to find tricks to game the system or mislead buyers.


@humanissocial I agree, you shouldn’t show you are online if you are not

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