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How to stop BOT responses?

I post a gig and get TONS of generic non-related responses back - I am sure I am not the only one that has experienced this.

How can I make it better so I get a more qualified person respond rather than all of the people that have no intention of getting involved in this gif?



This may be helpful to you:

First of all you should block or report the answers that seem like they are from a bot.
Secondly, try to look at other, succesful gigs, and see what they are doing. Dont copy them though and try to make it your own. Hope this helps!

The OP is a buyer. He has no gigs on display. I think he is referring to posting on Buyer Requests.


oh you might be right !

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In that case I think there is no way to stop the bot responses, except for Fiverr to do something about it.
I have noticed too, that they buyer responses always get alot of responses quickly.
When I find a Buyer Request that fits my skills and interests me, I take the time to write a custom offer and explain my skills. It bad when the Buyer has to sort through alot of bot responses and maybe not even reads my custom message.

Thank you for responding… I am concluding that there is no real fix - what happens is that I walk away or I waste time entertaining a candidate that is not a good fit and if I spend 10 minutes finding this out on each, at the the end I have wasted hours away.

I do believe this is something Fiverr needs to address and am not sure why they don’t. It clearly does not help bringing projects to successful end and hence no transaction and hence no fee for Fiverr.

Thanks but with all that the BOTs don’t discriminate - they are working off keywords and post back no matter what you wrote as long as you are in their category or keyword.

I often add my own requirements to filter out auto-response.
Something like: At the end of your message, ask bidders to write “Durian” before sending the offer.

You can remove a lot of auto message and narrow down your search. Some serious sellers would respond promptly and you can reach them for detailed discussion. I typically receive 50-60 bids per request, among them there are around 10-20 serious bidders and I can always pick a good one.

Good luck.

I did add something like “what is 1+3?”

But I found some good bidders didn’t actually write that either (forgot and didn’t understand the reason and skipped)

A pre-sort system supposedly helps a lot.

(An interesting discussion here: )

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Then they are probably not good enough. Just skip the bids.
Good sellers are always careful on what they do. If they are not capable of understanding the requirements, I doubt if they are capable of fulfilling your actual tasks.

There are several times I selected new sellers due to their professional response and my experience so far are good. Professional response = reading all my requirements + good portfolio + good English.

Alternatively you can browse your desired categories and reach some potential sellers. Generally Top rated and Level 2 sellers are veteran and they often do really good job. New sellers with genuine/good portfolio and good/genuine gig description have good potentials too. Just contact and see how they response, you can pretty much judge their skills through communication.

Have a great weekend!