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How to stop buye to place an order without discussing their issue.?


It is happening with me lot… People are buying gig and after five mins they asked me to cancel the gig because they have change their plans… If I don’t cancel the gig they says they will give me negative ranking?

I have already written on my gig description on first line that please discuss the issue first before placing an order but it seems people don’t read the description.

How to stop buyers to place an order without discussing the issue.?


If that is the case then you have to be strict with them and say that they have to be responsible for any purchase on your gig. Make the size of that line bigger and highlight just in case they don’t see.

On the other hand, push the Fiverr team to come up with a solution for this mess. Contact customer support and let them know your issue.


you can send them a contract before you start making things. and say that they can’t back down after they had accepted your conditions.