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How to Stop Clients From Placing Orders

I am having trouble with people placing orders for things I do not want to do (I create videos). If I cancel the orders, evidently, it’s not good for me and my account standing… so I want to make sure these people contact me FIRST about what they want me to do rather than have them place orders without running it by me first. Is there a way to configure the account settings so that no one can randomly place an order? (Where I would have to be the one to create an offer and send it to them)?

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No, there isn’t.

Some things you can do: make it clear in your gig descriptions what you do and what you don’t do, write Contact me before placing your order at the top of every gig description, increase your prices a bit (some people will read more carefully if the price is higher).

Also, bedroom setting will inevitably give some people the wrong idea, so you might want to consider changing the setting.


Thanks for your reply. I’ve already got that in my description. Maybe I should create another intro video and say that in the video? I think there def. needs to be an option because if I refuse to do what the person asks me to do (make false statements), etc… I guess if I want to keep my profile in good standing, I am OBLIGATED to go ahead and make these false statements… (I am talking about saying I used something when I didn’t… or that I lost weight, etc…) Ugh! I’d call this being stuck between a rock and a hard place…

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I found when I made what I need clear and gave clear instruction in my gig video, I got fewer invalid orders.

Not in bold, and not on the top. Make it like the first paragraph.

That might help, too.

I think that it would be a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service, so doing it could get you in trouble. Have you tried, when they want you to lie, contact Customer Support, explain the situation to them, and ask them to cancel the order without affecting your stats?


In their design, fiverr doesn’t prioritize seller’s wishes or preferences regarding the kind of orders they want to get and that’s unfortunate.

Raising prices + adding CONTACT ME at the top of my gig description took care of the problem somewhat. But for some reason, in last 10 days I got a bunch of random orders with half of my brief completely ignored. I wonder if they’ve tweaked the gig page design again to make the gig description completely unaccessible.

Another side of the issue is top buyers and the mysterious “returning buyers” (whatever that means, I seem to have most of my issues with them specifically). Because these are the people who’ve placed multiple orders before and don’t seem to understand or want to consider that different sellers may have different approach and process and that reading gig description is a must. I don’t blame them, the site doesn’t make it obvious either.

I feel rather helpless about the entire issue, to be honest.


That’s a good idea. I would rather try that than lie… The last time I asked the buyer to cancel, my status was demoted from a 2 to a 1… :frowning: After a lengthy debate about it, they finally reinstated my Level 2 status, but it was not without much struggle.

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I thought that they made a rule that sellers can’t do testimonials. If so they should cancel a request for one and have it not count against the seller when someone asks them to do that.

True. It’s even stated on the OP’s gigs (stated by Fiverr, not her): " Customer Testimonials Are Not Permitted

Note that sellers in this category can only offer spokesperson services and represent your company solely as such."

@lisadianern1, considering that those buyers are definitely asking you to violate Fiverr’s ToS, you should tell that to CS when you ask them to cancel the order without affecting your stats (and tell them that you don’t want to break the rules, and ask them what they suggest you do the next time someone places an order demanding that you violate the ToS).

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