How to stop delivery time, if buyer does not provide full requirement


Hi, Recently one of my order was cancelled by buyer, reason was, i gotta late to deliver.

But actually i was asking buyer to provide me full requirement to start work.he did not provide me actual requirement what i need to start work, but time to deliver order just finished in waiting to get requirement. and he just cancelled my order, and my rating get down.

what was my mistake in handling that buyer? please help, THANKS IN ADVANCE


Ranjit Singh

PHP Web Developer


Hi Ranjit,

Edit your gig to include “Instructions for buyer” which are the requirements you need from them. So the buyer would need to enter their information/files, this needs to happen before the order can start.

Hope that helps,


ask Your buyer


If buyer has not provided full details then you need to use mutual cancellation option before deadline. This option will not hurt your ratings. As you are not aware with the system you got the negative feedback. In your case you need to contact Fiverr support and ask them to remove the wrong feedback. Elaborate the whole issue to them and i am sure that they will help you.


That seems to be problem regardless of you write instruction to buyer or not. Just make sure that you add 2 day delivery minimum and have buyers instruction. I learned this hard way, most of my 1 day delivery gigs got nuked by buyers who just test sellers and damage them without knowing.


Reply to @madmoo: Are you sure that’s the case? Because I could’ve sworn that I thought your way would work, but when they declined the mutual cancellation and provided the correct information, the clock started back up as if it had never paused…


Reply to @madmoo: I hear ya… but what we just discussed is just one way express buyers can lose their badge at no fault of their own except for dealing with a buyer who is clueless or purposely doing it.


I think you have to contact buyer again. if he don’t reply you .you must contact CS!



I actually have this problem a lot too, where a buyer wont specify on my pretty specific instructions what they would like me to do, mostly with my cosplay gig, a costume wont be specified, and ill usually have to wait at least a day and a half for them to tell me.


With it sounding as if this could be a common issue, do you think it would be wise to also increase your delivery time a day or two?