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How to stop Fiverr "spam"


Is there any way to only get email from Fiverr when it’s a message from a prospect or customer? I’m getting a lot of promo email (today’s was " Start your year off strong with 10% off your next Learn course") which AFAIC is just junk. It’s obscuring the email from actual customers and costing me opportunities.

With most newsletters, you can control what kind of email you get. Is there any way to do this for Fiverr?

ETA: I’m referring to email from Fiverr, not spam from wannabe sellers. (The first time I tried to post it, it said it was a known issue, and gave an example of actual spam, which is not what I meant.)


I really don’t get how promo. emails from Fiverr could possibly “obscure” emails from actual customers and “cost” you opportunities. :thinking:

Unfortunately, not that I know of.

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Click on your picture and then go to “settings.”

Then deselect inbox messages, order messages, and order updates.

Either way, I think you’re still going to get messages from Fiverr. Such as:

“You’ve been nominated to TRS”

“Make sure so and so’s first order is a good one.”

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Well, if she did that, wouldn’t that also stop all her (important, Fiverr related) inbox and order email notifications?

From what I understand, she is looking for a way to selectively opt out of the promo. emails that Fiverr sends every once in a while. :slight_smile:

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You could ask CS if they could create a setting for it. Or maybe create a filter for those types of messages (eg. spam filter) in your email program if you don’t want to see those. Or possibly mark it as spam but that would likely mark others as spam from Fiverr as spam, at least until it had learned enough.


As like any other services, Fiverr also need / do send marketing emails to their subscribers.

Most of the time I found their mails helpful as like -

Start your year off strong with 10% off your next Learn course

But yes some times it gets irritating and there is a very easy way to stop this.

On your mail you will see this line (near below) "If you wish to unsubscribe from all future emails, please click here.

Just click that “click here” link and follow the steps. You will surely won’t get any future marketing emails. (As per CAN-SPAM act of 2003)

Also, you can make a filter on your email client (gmail, yahoo, outlook) to move message from this sender (usually: to a new folder. What it will do is, when you get a new message from this sender, it will put on that specific folder you previously selected/created. Thus you get the chance to read any special mail which you may find it helpful later.

I hope these tips helps you and others here on our beloved Fiverr community.

Happy fiverring.

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It would, but if she has a desktop computer and/or the Fiverr app, she’d be able to keep in touch. It’s not so hard. I check Fiverr several times a day. For example, I never get notifications from the forum by e-mail, so I go to the forum to see if I have notifications.


On gmail order-related stuff goes to my primary inbox but Fiverr learn and stuff automatically to under the promotions tab.