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How to Stop Getting Custom Orders?

Hope you are doing well.
I know my query is a strange one when the forum is flooded with the question ‘How to get orders?’ I have recently completed 10 orders. Alhamdulilah. Maybe that is the reason why all of a sudden I am getting too many orders.

I need to stop getting custom orders. I have switched off the icon above my gigs section. However, it is not working. The buyers are able to send me orders without any prior discussion. I don’t want to take anymore orders.

I need to focus on my writing to maintain quality and have to do a lot of household chores because of COVID 19. I hardly can concentrate on anything. I am seriously at loss.
Please share any link or advice that might be helpful.

I have heard that if I switch on limit orders in Manage Sales it will affect my gig. Is it true?
Please suggest me how can I solve this problem.

Take care.


If you need to cut down on the influx of orders, this is your best option. To the best of my knowledge, it shouldn’t affect your gig, but there is no guarantee. Isn’t your health and quality of work more important anyway?

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Absolutely. I guess I have to limit the orders before it is too late .
I can’t look at the screen. I wonder how can those who are Top Rated Sellers manage so many orders at a time! As a new seller it’s hard. Ensuring quality of my work is also important. I believe I can update and promote my gigs anytime.

Thanks for the reply. You are also very active in solving our problems.
Much appreciated. :heart_eyes: :innocent:

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