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How to stop people from placing order without talking to me?

Reply to @merileep: please, read the answer I posted to @bigbadbilly: not every gig you can buy on Fiverr is so “easy” to order :wink:

The people who say that they won’t contact a seller first are NOT buying custom programming, development, or tech related design work. What Fiverr sellers should be able to understand from a very basic marketing perspective is that, not all things work for all services.

I am also a buyer, and buy quite a bit. I buy custom development and design work, and always contact the seller first to make sure they have the skills I am looking for and are capable of delivering what I want - even if the description doesn’t say to. This also helps me to understand how accessible and responsive a seller is. Will they take 3 days to reply? Will they understand what I am talking about? What if we need to go back and forth in our correspondence a few times? What if I have a revision or two? Will they be professional about it? Do they even speak my language?!

Sometimes development projects can get involved, and the price can be quite costly - yes, even on Fiverr. So it’s best to know what you are getting yourself into first, before buying some gigs. In fact I once bought a gig from a seller who “FORGOT” he even had a Fiverr account, which he had apparently set up over a year ago, and never got more than a few sales from. He told me that he was going to close his account after completing my gig. We mutually cancelled because I wasn’t confident and he didn’t want to do the job. . . It would have been better for me to have contacted him first.

What seems to be effective in your situation, is to make the first line at the top of the description (in bold) read, “IMPORTANT: CONTACT ME BEFORE PURCHASING THIS GIG” to discuss your project.

But another thing you might want to consider is offering a simpler gig that you know you can do for $5 that won’t change much for each buyer, then offering extras that allow buyers to customize the basic gig. In your description you can reference to buyers that they should contact you first before purchasing a gig extra. In other words, your gig might be for them to send you a description of their business, and you’ll send them back a written idea for a design, including a description of the look, feel,color-scheme, navigation, etc; and for an extra $20 you’ll include a hand drawn wire-frame mock-up of your proposed idea; and for an extra $20, you’ll create a full-color Photoshop wire-frame . . . you get the idea.

The way Fiverr is set up, you can’t make buyers contact you first, so be sure to always have something worth $5 that you can deliver in the event that the seller is unresponsive, and like others have said, extend the estimated time-frame of your gig. Extending the estimated time also adds value to the “Express” extra option. “I’ll complete this gig in 24 hours” sounds more attractive to a buyer when they think it would normally take 20 days for work to be delivered.

Dude, some people are complete scumbags! I have had this happen to me at least 7 times now. The other day this guy ordered, demanded that I record (I do voiceovers) 2 full pages of text, about 6 minutes of audio, for $5. When I told him it wasn’t happening because it was a $50 order he just placed, he threw a fit and said I was practicing bait and switch and it was illegal. Clown.

I EXPLICITLY say in my bio and all of my gigs to contact me before ordering and still 10%-20% of the time, people just order without a care in the world.

What pisses me off about this, is that:

A) It ruins my cancel ratio and could knock me back down to Level 1.


B) Fiverr is doing NOTHING about it. I’ve told them several times via customer support on here and several time son their Facebook page, and their response is always, “Just do the best you can and those cancelled orders won’t effect you as much.” WTF?!?

I love Fiverr, but THIS is my main problem with them. Glad I’m not the only one.


I just had someone place two orders without heeding any of my instructions. One order was an Express piled on with extras. Would’ve been impossible to do the work he wanted in 2 days, especially with other orders. The buyer fortunately told me ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to choose Express, please take your time’, and I just delivered the order, but I have no protection against him giving me a bad review because it was a late Express order. This kind of situation unfairly erupts into nightmares for far too many buyers, but unfortunately there seems to be no rescue for us in the future.

This makes Levels irrelevant and too fragile for me. Yeah, I’m Level 2 but I could get 10 buyers placing orders w/o prior contact, and/or ordering things I can’t do. I could be at Level 0 by next week. I’m sure many great, talented Sellers lose levels because of haywire Buyers.

All we can do is keep going, and tell the troublesome buyers ‘I really, really wish you had followed instructions before ordering 20 of my Gigs, all with the Express option’.

Ok, as a BIG buyer, let me straighten out a couple of things here…

  1. I almost ALWAYS contact the Seller BEFORE buying.

    I don’t know what small amount of purchases are being made by the couple of buyers above, (who say they don’t like sellers requesting “Contact First”), but I have NEVER skipped a Seller just because they requested contact!

    To do so, would be just plain Stupid - they could be the highest-quality seller in that category!

  2. While the suggestion above of creating a “simple” $5 gig (which requires no contact first), then adding “complicated” extras, sounds good… there’s a problem with that.

    Gig descriptions have a (surprisingly-small) character limit (set by Fiverr).

    And with all the Seller Threads in the forum here, talking about how buyers MISINTERPRET gigs and expect the “Entire World” to be delivered for a mere 5 bucks… even a “simple” $5 gig has to include “disclaimers” about what the gig does NOT include.

    And thus, even a simple gig can have its description EXCEED the pre-set character limit - thus again, requiring “Contact First”.

    Hope that helps clear up things, :slight_smile:


Reply to @mark74: I agree with you 100%. The same is true for my cyber security gig. Each job requires intense comunication and information exchange. I had only one other Fiverr seller order my gig without contacting me first, and when he found out that I would not be able to basicly write an e-book for him on secure SW development for 5$ he wanted to cancel because he maid a mistake.

With other non SW gigs, I agree on what the buyers say…

Same issue with me but fiver did not providing us any module so we can manage this issue.

You responded to a 4-year-old topic. Why not start a new forum topic if you have new questions?

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Welcome to the club! If you find a way let me know :joy:

Any solution? placing order without talking to me?

There does not need to be a solition, @dulare_80. Fiverr does not require buyers to contact sellers before ordering. In fact, the very structure of Fiverr encourages buyers to select one of your listed packages, and hit the buy button.

There is no reason to try and make Fiverr something it is not.


Maybe the answer is turn of the seller custom offer button.

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