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How to stop the next milestone but pay for the previous ones?


My client is asking me how they can pay me for 2 out of 3 milestones - but not continue to the 3rd milestone. Without cancelling the whole order or harming my profile etc. I’m not exactly sure how this works. Please help. Thanks!


It’s thoroughly explained in this Fiverr Help Center article:

If the Buyer chooses to stop an order (they can do so after each Milestone is delivered), you will be notified not to continuing working on future Milestones.

After the entire order is marked as completed, whether it was stopped by the buyer, or finished, you will be paid according to the Milestones completed. For example, if the buyer decides to stop the order after two out of three Milestones have been delivered, the order will be updated to “completed” and you will receive the payment for two out of the three Milestones.


I’ve been through that link many times - but I’m not sure what to infer from it. Like is the buyer supposed to ‘stop’ the order? Or should they just wait for it to be marked as complete


I’d say this is pretty clear, your buyer will have to look for a button/option to stop the order. I haven’t had a milestone order as a buyer yet unfortunately, so I don’t know where exactly that button or option is located and the Buyer Help Center has only a brief passage about Milestones and doesn’t mention it either as far as I’m aware but I don’t think it can be that hard to find.

Alternatively, if they really can’t find a Stop option, you could ask support to tell you where it is and pass the info on to your buyer.


alright. thanks a lot!